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STD Merchandise: Sexually Transmitted Disease Products

Classified Ads

Welcome to STD Merchandise, a classified advertising site for goods and services related to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The original site left much to be desired with a lackluster design and little to no promotion it has been redesigned with far greater functionality and a much nicer appearance. STD Merchandise caters to the needs of specific product groups from basic listings for books to full length trailers for DVDs. It also has an improved member directory with greater category relevancy and profiles that let you link to your online resources as upload multiple images.

STD Products

Our list of STD Products features a collection of goods and services for STD Prevention and Treatment as well as entertaining educational items. This section features a collection of goods available for sale on other website. STD Merchandise allows you to post your STD goods and services at no cost to you. Once a visitor clicks on the purchase button sellers handle everything from then on out including shipping and any price differences.

STD Treatment

STD Treatment Products provides promotional support for palliative healing resources. Here you can browse the latest weapons STD destruction deployed in the war on Genital Warts, Herpes, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, HPV, Chlamydia, Scabies, Mononucleosis, Scabies, and other STDs. These products range from simple herbal remedies to prescription drugs.

STD Prevention

If the preceding paragraph perked your interest too much then you know all to well that prevention is the best medicine. STD prevention has many forms and STD Prevention Products supports them all. From the standard latex condom to information services and computer technology we support anything that prevents the spread of STDs. Thinking outside of the box to reduce the need for boxes full of medicine is good for the environment as well as your wallet, so we support Parental Control item in addition to condoms, testing, and training programs.

STD Education

There is no limit to what you can accomplish knowing nothing. Wandering the world ignorant as rock can have its advantages, but it won't help you set goals or deal with complex problems effectively. Our selection of STD Books caters to a wide range of intellect and work ethic levels. Whether your a hard working doctor, lazy former student, or anywhere in between guaranteed to learn more every time you read a page of a STD Book or STD Magazine.

STD Entertainment

STD entertainment is were the new STD Merchandise really shines. If you have a STD Video or STD Audio product you can embed streaming videos from other sites. Every STD Audio and STD Video input form is programmed to embed You Tube, Meta Cafe, Daily Motion, and Funny or Die video with no embed code required. Simply by locating the permanent URL of the page where the video is hosted and then copying it into a text box our program will automatically embed the video on that page. This feature is great for movie previews and music videos.

STD Awareness

STD Clothing and STD Posters are great for getting laughs and raising awareness. You can't take yourself too seriously if your wearing a shirt about Gonorrhea or Genital Warts, but at least you show everyone that you have a sense of humor about potentially serious issues. STD Posters follow the same principal, but with more of a historical twist. VD propaganda produced by the government makes great decorations from medical offices and historical centers to fraternity bathrooms.

Member Directory

As of September 6, 2011 STD Merchandise is no longer accepting new members or new ads. If you would like to advertise your Sexual Health Products please do so using the new No Limit List Global Classified Advertising Service.