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Classified Ads

Advertise with STD Merchandise

In addition to our free classified advertising service you can advertise with us through direct sponsorship or by using pay per click (PPC) networks including AdBrite, Bidvertiser, and AdToll.

Direct Sponsorship

Our banner ads are configured so that you can sponsor the Home page with all static pages such as this one as well as any specific product search page (ex: Video Products), any details page for a specific category (ex: Prevention – Trojan Magnum Condoms), or any web development services page (ex: AJAX UI).


AdBrite serves a combination of PPC text ads and banner ads that pay on a combination of per click and per impression. AdBrite is currently configured to run on the left side of each page. To advertise with AdBrite click here.


Bidvertiser provides PPC text and banner ads. BidVertiser is currently set up to run at the top of each page. To advertise with Bidvertiser click here.


Ad Toll serves a combination of PPC picture and text ads at the bottom of each page. Ad Toll has its own subscription service that you can sign up for here.